Pirated DVD stores

“SELLING PIRATED DVDs IS ILLEGAL,THEN WHY PEOPLE STILL SELL AND BUY IT?” an uncontrolled problem now by the government. Citizens in our country know that selling and buying pirated DVDs is a violation against the law, it is strictly prohibited, we see and hear this quote “NO TO PIRATED DVDs” in newspaper and television. As what we observed as a citizens, this law didn’t work out because the Government didn’t put an action of this law to those people who violate it. A lot of people still buy and sell this illegal thing until now even if they know the consequences that would happen to them. If they will be caught in selling this illegal thing, there will be no more warning, all the pirated DVDs will be confiscated by the government in charge with it and also the owners of DVDs will be sue for they are violating the law. Same as for those people who buy pirated DVDs they will be a consequence to them, they will pay a “MULTA”. This consequence will help control and minimize the illegal selling of pirated DVDs. It will reduce crimes in our country, but still the Government can’t accommodate to control and stop those people who sell and buy it. We understand why people buy this pirated DVDs because we all know that it has a cheaper price than the original DVDs. We Filipinos really has the attitude to buy low price even though the products are not good qualities. than the higher price that are in good qualities. That is why a lot of people still prefer to buy pirated than the original and so the seller also sell pirated because they know lot of people will buy there products.

People who bought pirated and cheaper DVDs and Cd’s were those people who were unfortunate in life to watch any movies in the theater or cinema. There are advantages and at the same time disadvantages of buying pirated Cd’s and DVDs. The advantages as what we have said earlier are cheaper and can be seen anytime you want. On the other hand, we all know that buying or producing pirated DVDs and Cd’s is prohibited by the law. And other disadvantages are watching a particular movie with blurry images and too noisy, unclear voice because of the people watching in the theater while copying or stealing the original movie. Most of us are used to buy that pirated DVDs and Cd’s and it becomes a habit of each one of us. Most of the Filipino people tend to forget our noble character and dignity that we inherited from our ancestors. It is indeed a big shame for us.It shows that we have taken for granted of what they have entrusted to us. And also to our devoted heroes who died for own country. And yet,we wasted it.We let ourselves reveal who we are and where we came from.

As we survey near Mcdo Colon, we see that lots of people buy pirated DVDs. Even you will buy just one DVDs ,you can avail discounts and if you will buy lots of DVDs sure u can avail bigger discount because they have wholesale and retail. You can see lots of collection of movies like horror movies, scandal movies, Korean movies, action movies and etc., you can choose whatever you like, either new or old movies. The said stores open about eight in the morning until ten in the evening. The stores were about twenty-five stores inside while two DVDs stores outside, a total of twenty-seven DVDs store near Mcdo Colon. Do you know that lot of stores that sell DVDs there but only one who owned the said matter? Well, we know for we asked one of the stuff, but we didn’t ask the name of the said owner. When we took picture, one of the crew told us that it’s not allowed to take picture inside. We think that that’s the rule of the owner that its not prohibited to take picture inside the store for they knew that their business is illegal and they’re afraid to be caught by the government. So they carefully sell pirated DVDs.

PIRATED DVDs slideshow

However, if the Government will have actions of the law we are sure that we can’t see this pirated DVDs again and as a result, it will help our country gain and it will lessen crimes in our society. So we must also have actions about this illegal doings, we must buy original CD’s or DVDs rather than pirated CD’s or DVDs. It must be band in our country so that no one can sell and buy it.

We can see a lot of people buying this in every street. We can see people buying it, just like in Colon if Government have actions then we can’t see that stores. So we must do an action in order to solve this crime in our country for all we know that it’s not good. Unlike in other country they buy original DVD’s because in there place if you caught selling and buying it then you will directly get prison and you will be sue. They are strict in their law. Especially their government is responsible of what was the law they’ve implemented.

If we, people, are responsible and love our country then we can solve this thing. Pirated DVDs is not a good practice even though it is a cheaper price than the original DVDs. We must be a responsible citizen for we all know that pirating is an illegal! We will not always accuse the government because they are doing their job but it’s not enough, so we can solve this illegal doings if we have respect in our self and in our country indeed.You, as a buyer, you know that it is illegal then you still buy pirated DVDs if you have respect then why not stop buying it? Then you as a seller you know that it is illegal then you must also stop selling those product in order to solve this illegal doing. We must help each other because it is our country and we own this country.

We hope that someday no more pirated DVDs to be sold and no one will buy it and government should take actions of illegal doings. I hope the readers will understand and will bear in there minds about this article. They will remind to their self that selling and buying this product is not good.No more pirated DVDs in the street, in Colon and in our country and original DVDs would remain. As we end this, we hope you, readers, citizens, government will have actions about this pirated DVDs and will realize that we must support original DVDs than Pirated DVDs and someday no more crimes will have in our country. Peaceful lives will remain and will maintain our country united.

P.s. ( Our group names are found in the video after the slideshow. It has a music background also in the video)

Here is our Prezi Presentation from the beginning to the end.

Our journey works from start to the end.


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